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Please note that we accept both traditionally published and self-published novels. However, only professional-looking books will be considered for a review or feature. Upcoming self-published books without a cover will not be accepted.

Book Reviews

REVIEW REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN TO UPCOMING RELEASES ONLY. We’re hoping to add a few more reviewers to OTB soon so we can accept more book review requests. Please submit your request as early as you can.

Once a review request is submitted, we will get back to you either way. Our reviewers have lots of books to read so reviews probably won’t be posted right away. If your book is not accepted for a review, it is likely because:

– we already have too many books to review and just couldn’t get to yours
– your book’s premise doesn’t appeal to our reviewers
– your book does not meet our professional standards
– your book doesn’t star women, POC or LGBTQ characters

If we cannot review your book, we may still be able to feature it on the website.

If you’d still like to apply for a book review, please use the form below:

If self-published, please say so here.


At Old Timey Books, we’re all about historical fiction starring characters who are at least one of the following:

  • women
  • people of color/non-white

If that sounds like your book, we’d love to feature it on the blog or review it.

Features include:

  • blog hops
  • giveaways (physical or ebook)
  • guest posts
  • cover reveals
  • excerpts (preferably the first chapter or part of it)
  • author interviews
  • combination of the above

If you’d like to be featured and your book sounds like a good fit for OTB, please email us here.