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Author Sarah McCoy stopped by Bookmark in Charlottetown during the promotional tour of her new novel, Marilla of Green Gables. I asked her if she felt a lot of pressure writing a prequel to one of the most beloved book series in history.

McCoy told me her goal was to write a novel that fit in seamlessly. I’m happy to say she succeeded.

Marilla of Green Gables is a delightful novel, crafted carefully using LM Montgomery’s original source material and interweaving in details from mid-1800s Prince Edward Island. I’m ashamed to admit McCoy introduced me to a few Canadian history details that I wasn’t aware of. Kudos.

While some coming-of-age novels cause one significant event in a person’s life to shape them into the adult they become, McCoy went with a string of life experiences that made Marilla Cuthbert go from a serious and intelligent young girl to the hard-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside character readers know and love.

I very much enjoyed the character developments of Matthew Cuthbert and Rachel Lynde as well. Rachel was particularly funny and enjoyable.

Embellished with lots of well-written details and finely tuned dialogue, Marilla of Green Gables is a pleasant escape to the past of the little red island I happen to already live on.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars

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Jillianne Hamilton

Jillianne Hamilton is the author of three novels and one non-fiction book. Her debut novel, Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, was shortlisted for the 2016 Prince Edward Island Book Award and she is currently working on her debut historical fiction novel. Jill lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island with her patient husband and a mischievous corgi.


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